Can You Drill Into Cinder Block Wall?

Cinder block walls have been in homes as early as the 1900s. Since their introduction into the building and construction sector, they are sometimes used in place of concrete blocks. Having two or three hollow sections in them and that they are made of ash and concrete with some cavities will make you wonder if you can drill into them. We asked experts about this, and they gave us some interesting answers.

Yes, you can drill into cinder block walls. You will need a hammer drill and masonry drill bits for this job. Look at the arrangement of the cinder blocks, and drill the section that isn't hollow. The solid area or stud will provide firm support for anything you may want to mount on the wall.

You will need specific tools to drill into these walls so as to get the desired results. Continue reading as we explain how to drill into a cinder block wall and why you should use a hammer drill.

A hand drill tool for drilling cinder block wall, Can You Drill Into Cinder Block Wall?

How To Drill Holes Into Cinder Block Walls

Cinder blocks are affordable and make durable walls. Sometimes the hollow sections in cinder blocks are filled in with concrete.

Whether the cinder blocks are filled or not, you'll need to have a hammer drill and masonry bits. A hammer drill works best, and masonry bits are for drilling into cement without causing dust to fly around.

To correctly drill a cinder block wall, you need to do the following:

  1. Make marks on the wall where you want to drill the holes.
  2. Ensure that you aim for where the studs or non-hollow parts are.
  3. Once the holes are drilled, you can use topcans to hang any item.
  4. Vacuum and clean any dust around.

Watch this video for a visual guide on how to carry out the above steps:

The Best Drill For Cinder Block Walls

When you have a cinder block wall, you cannot just use any drill that may be around. Cinder block walls are partially concrete and need a hammer drill.

A hammer drill pulsates and rotates while drilling into a cinder block wall. These two actions make the job of drilling faster. You can buy the hammer drill independent of any bits or with a set of different bits.

The best bits to use on cinder block walls are masonry bits. A masonry bit has a paddle that digs but doesn't dig into the concrete wall. Start your drill slow until you have a pilot hole before switching it to a faster mode.

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Note: When working with power tools always use protective gear like goggles, earplugs, and gloves.

Can You Drill Into The Mortar?

Yes, you can drill into the mortar of a cinder block wall, but experts don't advise doing so. Although the mortar holds the cinder blocks together, it is considered the weakest part of the wall.

It's easier to drill into the mortar as it is a softer substance, but it might not hold the screws or anything that you'll hang on the wall.

Can You Cut Into A Cinder Block Wall?

Yes, you can. Although this is a messy and time-consuming project, it is doable. If you want to mount a window or install a pipe in a cinder block wall, you will have to cut the wall.

Use protective gear for your eyes, nose, and mouth for your safety. Set aside a weekend for this task. Ensure that you have the following before you commence work:

  1. Apply for a permit that indicates that you'll be working on a non-load-bearing wall.
  2. Have the right measurements for the hole and draw it on the wall.
  3. Cut the hole with an allowance for the item and mortar.
  4. Collect all the necessary tools and protective gear such as masks, goggles, and earplugs have them at hand.
  5. Start with a slegdehammer, then use a masonry saw blade to straighten the edges.

Note: Ensure that the working area is properly ventilated.

Do Command Hooks Work On Cinder Block Walls?

Command brand hanging strips and hooks

Command hooks are used on many different surfaces. Homeowners and users use command hooks for hanging keys, photos, or towels.

Command hooks come with adhesive at the back. First, remove the protective strip then stick the hook on a clean surface.

For a command hook to stick on a cinder block wall, you should add a dab of hot glue. The hot glue will stick the command hook firmly onto the wall.

How To Attach Things on Cinder Block Walls

A cinder block brick walls

You don't always have to drill a cinder block wall to hang anything on it. There are other alternatives to use to mount pictures, TVs, or shelves on your cinder walls. Here are a few other verified alternatives that won't require you to drill your cinder block wall.

Hot Glue

To melt this glue, you will need a hot glue gun. Although hot glue is often used for crafts, you can also use it to mount lightweight pictures and photos on cinder walls.

You could use construction-grade glue with a higher temperature hot melt gun for a stronger holding capacity.

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Landscape Adhesive

Porous materials don't favor adhesives, but the landscape adhesive sticks to cinder block walls for a long while.

Heavy-duty adhesive can hold heavy items such as shelves (50 lbs and less). The landscape adhesive residue is hard to remove from the wall when you no longer need it.

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Mounting Putty

The sticky clay-like adhesive is perfect for small to medium-sized posters, photos, and lightweight decorative objects. Mounting putty fills any cavities on the cinderblock walls and acts like thumbtacks. You can remove and reuse it in another area, and it won't lose its adhesive capacity.

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Self-Adhesive Hooks

These hooks have some adhesive foam on the back with a protective coating. Once you clean the cinder block wall with rubbing alcohol, remove the protective sticker, and stick the hook. These self-adhesive hooks carry very little weight.

Hardwall Hangers

Hardwall hangers are heavy-duty and can carry items as heavy as 25lbs. Use them to hang coats, umbrellas, large paintings, or mirrors. Their embedded metal pins make it possible to mount them on cinder block walls.

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Concrete Screws

Concrete screws are sturdy and carry heavier objects when properly installed. They are plastic coated screws that need to be screwed in predrilled holes in cinder block walls before being hammered in completely.

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Liquid Wall Anchor

A liquid wall anchor comes with a liquid and activator. The activator is poured into a predrilled hole in a cinder block wall first. Once you pour the liquid and activator into the hole, take a screw or nail and screw it in. As the liquid dries, it holds the nail or screw firmly in place as shown in this video below:

In Closing

You can drill into a cinder block wall and hang anything on it. Ensure that you use a hammer drill for concrete and cinder block walls.

There are glues, hooks, and hangers especially meant for cinder block walls and can be found online and in hardware stores around the country.

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