How Does B-Dry Basement System Work?

One way to avoid water leakage in the basement is to install a B-Dry system. This notable waterproof system helps you redirect the water out of the basement. Still in doubt how you can maintain a dry basement with this system? Before you avail one, it will help if you read from our research how the B-dry system works.

A B-Dry basement system controls the water flow at footer depth. The system prevents water build-up around the foundations when the water table rises. If your basement French drain or the sump pump fails, the system diverts the water to weep holes going to the B-dry drain tile. The water can freely go out of your home through the B-Dry high-capacity pipe with a self-flushing feature.

You can rely on the system to protect the basement from water intrusion that causes problems. With B-Dry, you can maintain the value of your home. Their network of trained and licensed professionals can help you achieve a waterproof basement. Read further to learn more about the B-Dry system.

Interior of an unfinished basement, How Does B-Dry Basement System Work?

B-Dry Basement System 101

The B-Dry system prevents the entry of groundwater into a basement. When the water table rises in your property and the basement drains are faulty, the B-Dry system comes to the rescue.

According to B-Dry, this is how their system works:

  1. When water enters through the cracks on the foundation, the system reroutes the B-Dry drain tile's water through a weep hole.
  2. If there is seepage on the walls, the water will flow to the B-Dry footer drain through a wall membrane. The water terminates into the system at footer depth.
  3. Then the system discharges the water out of the house through its self-flushing pipeline.

Unlike other systems, B-Dry will not clog the pipes. The water can flow freely without passing through a filter. Controlling the water flow in the basement will not allow build-ups on the foundations.

The service offered by the system includes a B-Dry Rigid Sealer to protect the basement foundation. The product is a dependable shield to avoid wet basements. The sealer also provides permanent protection for studs, insulation, and drywall materials.

Is B-Dry System A Good Investment?

You will get permanent and quality basement waterproofing with the B-Dry system. In 1986, the U.S. government granted the patent for the system and rigid sealer for wet basement walls. Several years back, their drainage system helped mitigate hydrostatic pressure in basements.

For more than 60 years, the brand has gained its reputation in the country. The National Association of Home Builders and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recognize the solution offered by B-Dry. Also, several television programs and magazines nationwide have featured the system.

With B-Dry, you get a lifetime warranty that protects your basement against water seepage through the foundation walls.

You can trust the high-quality service of B-Dry to deal with wet or flooded basements. Here are the inclusions of the B-Dry Basement Waterproofing System:

  • Basement drainage system
  • Rigid Sealer
  • Repair system for wet and damaged foundation walls
  • Crawlspace waterproofing

You can tackle the following problems using the B-Dry system:

  • Clogged French drains
  • High water table
  • Heavy water pressure
  • Moist and wet soil
  • Damaged foundation floors and walls
  • Unreliable sump pump
  • Water leakages and seepage through walls

It will cost you time and money if you solve these problems separately. If the issue persists, the damages can downgrade the appeal of your home. Your appliances can get damaged, and other wooden fixtures will rot if you do not have a waterproofing system.

If you plan to sell your home, it is best to use the B-Dry system with other waterproofing techniques. By doing so, you can sell your house faster and at a higher price.

Installing a basement waterproofing system like B-Dry should be a top priority. It is better to take preventive measures today to avoid bigger problems later. Thereby, you can maintain a comfortable and livable basement.

Will A B-Dry System Help During Flooding?

Waterproofing your basement with a B-Dry system can reduce flooding damages. It will be easier for you to redirect the water out of the basement. You also don't have to worry about moisture because the system protects the basement foundations and walls.

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Other than flooding, the system is also effective against water leakages caused by the following:

  • Combination of snow and spring rainfall
  • Accumulation of deep snowpack
  • Thunderstorms in the summer
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Fallen autumn leaves clogging the rain gutters

Having water inside the basement will not be a problem if you have a B-Dry system.

How Much Does A B-Dry System Cost?

With the benefits you can get from a B-Dry system, you might wonder how much you will spend. It will cost you around $2,000 for a D-I-Y installation up to $5,000 if you hire a professional. Also, B-Dry uses high-quality materials from reliable suppliers that meet the ICC specifications.

Getting high-quality service requires a premium expense. Certified consultants will take measurements and assess the basement. You can avail of their free inspections to determine how much you will spend. They also offer various payment methods for your convenience.

The costs will vary depending on the issues found in the basement. The basement area and the severity of damages are some factors that will affect the pricing for the system.

  • Size of the Basement - The square footage is a major factor when budgeting the costs for a B-Dry system. There are cases that only a portion of the foundation needs waterproofing. If there are issues on multiple walls, waterproofing is best for the entire area. Hence, you might need a big budget.
  • Damages on the Foundation - Cracks, bowing, or buckling can create simple to complex issues. A small crack might lead to bigger structural damage in the future. More damages will bloat your spending.

Nonetheless, a B-Dry system is still cost-efficient because you skip several waterproofing processes. You will get more value with the system in the long run.

How To Maintain A Basement Waterproofing System

Even if the system has a lifetime warranty and excellent professional service, you should still learn to take care of it. Here are some tips for maintaining your basement waterproofing system:

  • Check if the landscaping grade is not towards the basement. You might need to regrade to reroute the pathway of water.
  • Unclog debris from gutters.
  • Do not fix leaks with waterproof paint. The paint is only a temporary solution. It does not solve the problem because of the trapped water in the foundation.
  • Do a periodic assessment of the foundation. You can immediately repair and seal hairline cracks to avoid damage in the early stage.

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In Closing

Interior of an unfinished basement

A B-Dry system is a trusted basement waterproofing system. The system redirects water inside the basement to the B-Dry drain tile. Afterward, the self-flushing feature removes the water out of the house through the B-Dry pipe.

It will cost you around $2,000-5,000 for installing the system. The company uses high-quality labor and materials to give the best protection against a wet basement. Also, the system can reduce the damage caused by flooding. After all, a B-Dry system is a great investment to keep your basement dry.

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