How Much Does B-Dry Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Waterproofing your basement may take a big chunk of your budget. Water damage is one of the most expensive repairs for your home. If you’re thinking about how much the whole project would cost, we’ve researched for your convenience so you can consider B-Dry for your basement waterproofing project.

The cost estimates of B-Dry basement waterproofing are broken down as follows:

  • Interior waterproofing costs between $60 to $90 per linear foot.
  • Exterior waterproofing costs between $85 to $100 per linear foot.
  • Sump pump and drain tile installation costs start at $1,600.
  • Regrading the house exterior costs $450 to $750 per side.

The total project cost would be $5,000, at the minimum.

Waterproofing cost estimates entirely depend on your house structure. Additionally, other factors come into play with the end view of designing the best solution to make your basement safe. Keep reading for a helpful guide on the B-Dry pricing which we will discuss in detail.

A roller application of waterproofing sealant to the wall, How Much Does B-Dry Basement Waterproofing Cost?

What are the factors that affect the cost of B-Dry basement waterproofing?

To jumpstart your project, B-Dry consultants will do an initial inspection of your basement, free of charge. Take this opportunity to discuss with them the probable cost of the project, considering your budget.


The area or size of the project is primarily expressed in terms of square footage to determine the cost. In a few instances, only one wall may be needed for waterproofing since it is usually where the water seeps in below ground level.

On the contrary, multiple walls can also be affected by the water seepage, hence, project size would be greater. Or, you may consider fixing all walls, that is, the whole basement area, as a preventive measure from costly water issues in later years. 

Water on walls cause by heavy rains

Damage to the Foundation

The degree of damage to your basement’s foundation may also determine the cost of the project. A minor crack on the surface can be simply resolved by filling, or at the extreme, might indicate a serious structural problem.

B-Dry provides professional help to determine if cracks on the surface are minor or serious structural problems. Damage to the foundation’s structure may be extensive and costly, which involves piers, anchors, l-beams, or a combination of methods.

A large crack in gray concrete

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Waterproofing Method Used

B-Dry consultants conduct a thorough evaluation of the entire exterior of your property in order to determine the problem areas and design the best solution accordingly. Each project is treated as unique, hence, cost varies significantly.

The company uses high-quality, American-made foundation repair materials that comply with ICC standards. It uses materials from known brands such as AB Chance and HJ3, which include helical and piers, carbon fiber stripping, I-beams, and many more.

B-Dry provides the most extensive basement waterproofing system in the industry. We will thoroughly discuss the details in the next section.

How Does B-Dry Waterproofing System Work?

The patented B-Dry Basement Waterproofing System has developed a unique and comprehensive approach and is highly recognized in the industry. It was invented in 1958 and combines the technology of waterproofing your basement from the inside. The system installs an interior perimeter drain and sump and a vapor barrier that will inhibit seepage through basement walls.

Let's look into these details of their system:

  • Drain pipes are installed at the interior perimeter.

Groundwater enters your basement through cracks in walls, floors, mortar joints, and foundation footings. The water may enter through the top and sides of the pipe but drains dirt and debris from entering. Installing the drain pipes will not interfere with the existing French drains near the foundation.

  • The drain pipes are directed into a sump pump.

The installed drain tile is directed into an 18-inch diameter, 30-inch deep tile sump. A discharge pipe is attached that directs water to the outside. An electric submersible sump pump is installed to keep the basement dry even during heavy rains or when the surrounding ground is heavily saturated.

In areas where flooding is expected, the sump pump directs water away from the basement through pipes to a further distance where water cannot reenter the basement.

  • Basement walls are treated.

Water seepage through basement walls is contained by applying plastic sealer cement to close cracks and gaps. The cement acts as a vapor barrier compound that stops water seepage. Also, it could be used as a waterproof interior panel conducive for studs and drywall installation.

Worker waterproofing a new house foundation

Work Involved

A foot of the concrete basement floor adjoining the wall is temporarily removed. A trench is made to a slope next to the foundation footing. Then a drainage pitch of ¼ inch per 10 feet of length is installed after the drain tile is laid. The trench is then lined with gravel to be used as bedding for the drain tile around the entire perimeter of the basement. 

For the exterior, there is a need to excavate the soil to install the sump pump. The exterior discharge pipe is covered with concrete which will take a month for complete curing. The sump pump installation also includes the electrical and pipework involved.

For the basement walls, a coat of sealer cement keeps the water out even if the water seeps the exterior barriers. It is applied to unpainted concrete and looks like bristled stucco. This doubles your protection against water coming in. The labor cost also involves the preparation of the area before painting.

Costs Involved

  • Interior waterproofing would generally cost between $60 to $90 per linear foot.
  • Exterior waterproofing would cost between $85 to $100 per linear foot.
  • Sump pump and drain tile installation costs start at $1,600.
  • Regrading the house exterior would cost $450 to $750 per side.

In summary, the total cost for the professional installation of the B-Dry Basement Waterproofing System is approximately $5,000. However, if you are familiar with the system, you can install it by yourself, and would cost you as little as $2,000.

B-Dry offers a lifetime warranty on all its works. It promises to repair its system at no cost if water leakage ever occurs. The warranty doesn’t cover if water intrusion is caused by floods. The warranty is transferrable if ever the property is sold. 

Is It Worth to Waterproof Your Basement?

Yes, waterproofing your basement is worth the investment. It is your proactive decision to avert costly damage to your home. We've listed below the common reasons:

  • No fears of flooding - When basement flooding occurs, you lose your personal stuff and spend a lot on repairs. And unfortunately, this is out of insurance coverage. Be proactive by waterproofing and be assured that your home is safe from water damage.

  • Prevents damage to your foundation - Water, soil, and ground pressure can cause damage to the basement foundation which is evident through cracks in walls and areas where water seeps through. When the basement is not waterproofed, it may cause major damage to the entire house. Waterproofing protects your existing investments.

  • Defense against molds and moisture - Mold growth has always been a common problem since it may also lead to serious health issues. Sealing your basement to keep out moisture could be the best solution. When your space is dry, mold and mildew cannot thrive and makes your basement a healthy living space.

  • Lower energy bills - Cracks in the basement foundation enable water and cool air to leak inside to bring in more heat and humidity These conditions let you set the thermostat higher than normal, thus, soars up your energy and heating bills. Waterproofing ensures that your spending will go towards more functioning utilities.

  • Permanent solution - A complete basement waterproofing is your one-time investment and a permanent solution to your water damage issues. Having done by professional contractors ensures your basement will not have flood or have moisture problems during the serviceable years of your property.

  • Restores the value of your home - A waterproofed basement is an excellent reason to increase your property’s value by 25% or more. Recurring water problems and flooding can turn away potential buyers. Investing in waterproofing can pay for itself when you sell your house.

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In Closing

From the bottom to the top, waterproofing is the best decision to protect your home!

Water damage can cause major headaches due to costly repairs. Consider contracting out with the patented B-Dry Basement Waterproofing System. It involves a drain pipe for the interior and a sump for exterior waterproofing. Additionally, a vapor barrier compound is used to protect basement walls.

The area, degree of damage to the foundation, and the type of waterproofing method determine the cost of B-Dry basement waterproofing. The total project cost would be at least $5,000. This estimate includes both the interior and exterior waterproofing, the installation of the drain tile and sump pump, and the regrading of your house exterior. 

Waterproofing your basement is a worthy investment. You are relieved from flooding threats and it protects your house structure. Also, it is a defense against mold growth that may impact your health. And lastly, it's a one-time investment to enhance your property’s value that will pay off over time.

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