Can I Install B-Dry Basement System Myself? [And How To Do It]

Adding an internal basement waterproofing system is a complex process. Systems like B-Dry are expensive and challenging to work on. You might hesitate to set up the system on your own. To guide you, we have consulted the experts on how you can install a B-Dry system.

The B-Dry company suggests that you let their licensed professionals do the work for you. However, you can still install the system on your own. The steps involved in installing the B-Dry system are as follows:

  1. Carefully remove around 9 to 12 inches of the floor slab.
  2. Then create a trench sloping towards the drainage point.
  3. Line the trench with a layer of crushed stone.
  4. Drill some weep holes deep enough on the concrete to facilitate draining.
  5. Add the sump pump and necessary pipelines.
  6. Place the new drain tiles in the trench adjacent to the footing.
  7. Restore the concrete floor by pouring new concrete.

Prepare the required materials beforehand and try to understand each step. The installation will take longer because of critical drying processes. After installing, proper maintenance is also beneficial. Keep reading on how you can install a B-Dry system.

A PVC for a basement drainage. Can I Install B-Dry Basement System Myself? [And How To Do It]

DIY Installation Of A B-Dry System

A B-Dry basement waterproofing system is a trusted solution for homeowners. The system keeps your basement dry by tackling issues like:

  • Buckled or cracked foundation
  • High water table
  • Heavy wet soil
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • A faulty French drain or sump pump
  • Moisture issues (rotting, molds, insects)

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If you avail of their services, you can get free estimates to target these problems. With their large network of licensed professionals, you get the total protection for the basement. The quality materials from B-Dry are ICC compliant. All materials come from their reliable and well-established dealers.

A black pvc for the basement waste water

Here are some materials included in a B-Dry system:

  • Two-piece PVC drain channel
  • PVC angle
  • Thermoplastic rivets
  • A 3-inch diameter plastic pipe
  • Crushed stone

If you wish to set up the system independently, you can do so. After preparing the necessary materials and tools, you may proceed with the installation.

B-Dry Installation Procedure

To install the B-Dry system, follow the procedure below:

  1. First, remove 9 to 12 inches of the floor slab to create a trench that slopes toward a drainage point. The area should suffice a drainage pitch of 1/4 inch for every 10 feet when you lay down the drain tiles.
  2. Line the trench with bedding of fine and clean gravel.
  3. To allow a constant draining of water, drill some weep holes on the cores of the concrete block. These holes should not be less than 3/6-inches in diameter with a maximum spacing of 33 inches. Just avoid drilling all the way through the block.
  4. Dig a hole for the sump pump. Place the liner in the pit/hole. Then insert the pump in the sump pit. Add a check valve to prevent water backups.
  5. Connect the necessary pipes that redirect water.
  6. Place the new 4-inch perforated drain tiles in the trench, which you can find next to the footings.
  7. Restore the basement floor with newly-poured concrete. You should wait for one month for the concrete to harden.
  8. Once fully cured, cover the surface with floor tiles, carpet, or wooden planks.

The installation might take 1 to 2 days. The time frame also depends on the total area of the basement. Although it is arduous, the benefits you get from the B-Dry system are worth it. To keep a dry basement, add the B-Dry's rigid sealer waterproof panels on the interior walls.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A B-Dry System?

A cement basement drainage

Another thing to consider is the cost of a B-Dry system installation. A B-Dry is a big investment if you want to keep a dry basement. If you hire a professional, you will incur around $5,000. If you do the installation yourself, you might spend about $2,000.

You save more in the short run if you do not avail of their services. Even if the company offers free estimates to assess the basement conditions, the price depends on the level of damage and the basement size. After all, the quality of service they offer can justify the price.

It will help if you avail of the free assessment offered by B-Dry. There are several causes of a wet basement beyond what one can see. The basement professionals can check the following:

  • Grade level of the ground
  • Gutter and downspout placements
  • External drainage
  • Water table level

It is all up to you if you will spend on reliable, professional service or not. Installing on your own can be financially beneficial, but you also need to be careful so that the system works as intended. You might spend more if there are issues after adding the system.

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Can You Get A Lifetime Warranty If You Install The B-Dry System By Yourself?

Interior of an unfinished basement

With a B-Dry system, you can avail of their lifetime warranty. However, you can only get this warranty if you allow B-Dry to install the system. The B-Dry warranty is how the company provides quality and excellent customer service. Their professionals have ongoing training to serve their customers better.

When you avail of their service, the warranty covers materials and labor. The company only applies approved and tested solutions to protect your basement. By availing of this warranty, you can get peace of mind for your basement.

Even with quality materials, the execution of the process will be different if you do this project on your own. With little knowledge about basement waterproofing, your installation might fail. So before you decide to DIY this project, always remember the benefits should outweigh your costs and efforts.

How To Maintain A B-Dry System

A cement basement drainage

After installation, it is also essential to take care of the B-Dry system. You must maintain its good condition to prevent issues in the future. Your first choice is to contact the company that provides on-site maintenance. The company has a qualified crew to help you with repairs or replacements.

If you don't want to incur costs, you can do regular check-ups and repairs yourself. Here are some tips to keep a B-Dry system working and protect the basement:

  • Check the benchmarks set for the sump pump system. These include pump flow, pressure, and vibrations. It is best to have your pumps and related pipes checked annually.
  • B-dry also recommends using a professional dehumidifier in the basement. The device helps reduce humidity levels. By doing so, your basement is less vulnerable to molds, musty odors, and pests.
  • Check damage in the basement foundation, like cracks and shifting on the walls and floor. You can add B-Dry foundation repair systems like a rigid wall sealer and water drainage to keep the water out.
  • Also, assess the exterior waterproofing measures at home. Gutters, grading, and above-grade drainage are some features to examine. If there are issues, try to fix these as soon as possible.

Remember that basement systems may wear out or break down after several years of use. Yet, with proper care, you can keep your basement dry for longer. In effect, you will not worry much about water intrusions and damage. You can always ask the basement waterproofing experts like B-Dry to help you.

In Closing

A PVC for a basement drainage

Installing the B-Dry system by yourself is possible. You must cautiously follow each step in the process to prevent problems when using the basement. The complicated process might take you several days to finish the project.

You can save big if you install the system on your own because you don't pay for the professionals to do the job for you. Although this benefit is short-term, you should also do the necessary maintenance for the B-Dry system. In the end, with the proper installation, you can keep your basement dry with B-Dry.

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