25 Walkout Basement Landscaping Ideas

Damp and dark - those are the two words that likely come to mind when we think of basements. Well, a walkout basement can completely shatter that idea. This basement design has a wall above grade which offers easy access to the outside area of your home. This means that you can exit your basement and go directly outside.

Now, there are plenty of advantages to having a walkout basement! It brings in a lot more natural light, which will enhance the beauty and warmth of your home. It also adds livable space to your home and the possibilities for what to do with that space are endless. You can turn it into a guest room, an entertaining area, and anything else you want to add to your home.

However, the downside is that building a walkout basement can be quite costly whether you're renovating your current home or having it built into a new home. It can cost anywhere from $47,500 to $100,000. Having this design will also raise your property taxes, which is a major concern if you don't plan on selling your home any time soon.

There's no denying that walkout basements are pleasing to the eye and functional for your needs. If you already have a walkout basement or have your heart set on getting one built, keep reading. We've gathered 25 of the most amazing walkout basement landscaping ideas to inspire you.

A house with walkout basement porch and garage, 25 Walkout Basement Landscaping Ideas

1. Classic Garden

If you're a green thumb, this landscaping idea is perfect for you. Imagine walking out of your basement and right into a lush garden teeming with your favorite plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees!

Walkout basement porch with column

2. Outdoor Sophistication

Make the most use of your outdoor space with a sophisticated outdoor living area. This walkout basement landscaping design lets you dine, lounge, and step into a fire pit to keep you toasty on cold nights.

3. Open & Modern Walkway

Add light and space into your home with a completely open walkout basement. Here, you can step down into your basement without the narrow, closed-in feeling while creating a modern aesthetic for your home.

4. Gorgeous Deck Over Patio

With the deck over your walkout basement patio, you can enjoy the outdoors while keeping your furniture protected against harsh weather and getting shade on sunny days. Perfect for barbecue parties and large gatherings with family and friends!

5. Woodland Inspiration

Keep in touch with nature's beauty with this woodland-inspired landscaping design. This idea is best for anyone who lives in wooded areas and wants to maintain the wildness of their outdoors while making sure they have a pathway to their walkout basement.

6. Lovely Lounge

While there are all sorts of ways to spruce up your walkout basement, there's also no reason why you can't keep things simple. With the underground feeling of this landscaping design, you can get away from the stress of everyday life and lounge out while looking over your beautiful backyard.

7. Cozy Living

A cozy design without all the frills and fanfare! Center your landscaping around a fire pit for both a pleasing outdoor feature and functional use in cold weather.

8. Intimate Elegance

Go down into your walkout basement and discover an intimate space all your own. With a few pieces of furniture and some plants, you can make this part of your home stylish and comfortable. 

9. Simply Stunning

Don't feel like putting in a lot of work around your walkout basement? Go for this simple landscaping design that gives you access to your walkout basement with marble steps for that touch of luxury. 

10. Pool Fun

Why not plan your walkout basement landscaping around your pool? This way, you can have hours of pool fun and enjoy drinks around the fireplace right after in your basement. 

11. Stone & Grass 

The perfect blend of natural and modern! This simple yet stylish landscaping design that gives you ample living and dining space and lets you take in the breathtaking wonder of your outdoors.

12. Inviting Patio

Maximize the space around your home with a spacious and inviting patio that goes all the way down to your walkout basement. You can place your furniture, decorations, and plants according to the slope of your home.

13. Welcoming Entrance

Highlight the underground quality of your walkout basement by making the entrance the focal point of the landscaping. This way, you can feel like you're entering a hideaway that's yours and yours alone.  

14. Loft Style

If you don't have a lot of space in your home, this loft style idea is perfect for you. It gives you a convenient entryway into your basement while giving you enough space for your outdoor dining and lounging sets.

15. Straightforward Design

Want a design that leads straight to your walkout basement? This landscaping style offers convenient access to your basement and leaves enough space for plants and a few decorations to make it more appealing.

16. Open Kitchen 

Dine al fresco in style by making your walkout basement a kitchen! This concept lets you cook underground and enjoy delicious meals in the fresh open air.

17. Spacious Extension

No need to separate the exterior from the interior: you can have the best of both worlds with this landscaping idea! Using your walkout basement as a full-on extension of your home gives you a lot of living space and offers a place for ultimate relaxation. 

18. Walled-In Charm

Open doesn't have to mean you don't feel secure. This walled-in design gives you a sense of privacy and intimacy so you can enjoy quiet nights by yourself or with your family to the fullest. 

19. Sunken Space

Bring drama and flair by transforming your simple landscape into a sunken outdoor patio. Now you can walk out of your basement into a cozy, stylish area that makes you feel like you're in a getaway while at home.

20. Fun Playground

Get creative and build a playground for your kids with your walkout basement! You can design the landscape to accommodate sand pits, rock climbing walls, swing sets, and other play equipment. 

21. Peaceful Oasis

Don't have enough space for a pool? Install a hot tub in the patio of your walkout basement! This will be the most appealing feature of your outdoor area where you can escape into your very own oasis and let all your worries melt away. 

22. Cushy Appeal

An outdoor fireplace gives you all the cushy comfort you need with a touch of regal elegance. It can also act as the focal point of your landscaping, so you can place furniture and plants all around it. 

23. Stone Stairway

Not only is a stone stairway appealing to the eye, it's also strong and durable - sure to last for decades. Plus, it's inspired by Roman architecture and ancient ruins, giving your home a refined, unique look. 

24. Hidden Sanctuary

Want a secret pathway to your walkout basement for your own private use? This design keeps your door hidden from view while giving you a convenient access into your basement. 

25. Casual Comfort

Step out of your basement into a the comfiest lounge area! Casual yet chic, this landscaping design offers you a simple way to relax and recharge. 

In Closing

A walkout basement is a great way to enhance your home, making it more spacious and full of natural light. There are a few advantages and disavadvantages to having it built. The good news is that if you want to have your own walkout basement, there's a wide variety of landscaping ideas for your walkout basement that you can choose from to suit your needs and style.

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