What Is The Height Of A Basement Bar?

One way to make your basement more functional is to add a bar. A basement bar makes it convenient for entertaining guests and your family. If you plan to have a bar, you should get the correct dimensions to fit in a limited basement space. We have researched from the experts what is the ideal height of a basement bar and here's what they have to say.

The standard height of a basement bar is around 42 inches. This height applies to both dry and wet bars. You have to measure how deep the counter is to accommodate cabinets and other fixtures. With the right bar size, you can choose suitable bar stools and fridges. Aside from the bar dimensions, you also need enough space behind the bar for unhampered movements. Although there is a standard height, you can still increase it to meet your needs.

With the correct measurements, you can make your basement the center of your gatherings. You can have your favorite drinks while in the comfort of your basement. Keep reading to find out the correct dimensions of a basement bar.

A rustic inspired basement interior with carpeted flooring, black leather sectional sofa, and wooden chairs and furnitures, What Is The Height Of A Basement Bar?

Why Is It Important To Measure For The Basement Bar?

Adding a bar is a great way to create a focal point in your basement. You can get refreshments with your guests and your family while staying cozy in the basement. But if the basement bar is too low, high, or shallow, you may not be able to move freely inside the bar.

Unlike other levels in your house, your basement height will likely have less space. You also need to note that there might not be enough overhead room for your guests.

To check if your basement meets the minimum headroom space, read our previous post: How Tall Does A Basement Ceiling Need To Be? Note that you need to allow enough headroom space for a more comfortable bar experience.

To help you get your ideal basement bar, you must first identify the type of bar you wish to install.

Types Of Basement Bar

There are two types of basement bars: a wet and a dry bar. Regardless of the type, the usual height of a basement bar is around 42 inches. Learn more about the two types of basement bars below:

Wet Bar

A rustic inspired wet bar at the basement incorporated with wooden and pale white painted walls

A wet bar has a sink and water connections. It is more convenient with a sink ready for washing glasses and other utensils in your bar. Also, you won't go back to the main floor's kitchen to clean the mess afterward. But having a wet bar is costly due to the plumbing works.

Dry Bar

In contrast to a wet bar, a dry bar does not have any sink and plumbing systems. The cost of setting up a dry bar is cheaper than a wet bar. Instead of mixing drinks in the bar, there are liquor cabinets or fridges to store the drinks.

After measuring possible fixtures on the bar, you can increase the bar height if your basement space allows.

How Deep Is A Bar Counter?

Aside from the bar height, you also have to measure the depth of your bar counter. The depth of a bar counter is around 18 to 24 inches.

A bar counter is where you prepare and display food and drinks. When measuring, you have to consider the height of your bar cabinets, fridge, and sink. You must be able to have enough space to use the basement bar comfortably.

If you want to have a bar overhang, this depends on the bar counter depth. The overhang is an extension of the counter. You need to have enough space for legroom under your bar overhang.

Also, the bar stool height depends on how deep is your bar counter. Take into account the type of seating you intend to have and the number of guests you want to accommodate in the bar. Bar stools must fit under the bar counter.

What Height Bar Stool Do I Need?

A gorgeous and cozy feel of a rustic inspired basement with a dry bar on the side loaded with drinks

A basement bar is not complete without some bar stools. There are varying heights of bar stool that will be a matter of preference. The standard height of bar stools ranges from 29 to 32 inches tall. You also need space from the stool seat to the bar's underside that is around 10 to 12 inches.

Always keep in mind the comfort and space when deciding on your bar stools. Consider the age and height of the people who will sit on the bar stools. Too short or too high bar stools may not feel comfortable for some of your guests and family members.

How Much Space Should Be Behind A Bar?

Another thing to measure when installing a basement bar is the space behind it. As much as possible, leave at least 3 feet wide of space behind your bar. You can still increase the space depending on your needs. Cramped walking space behind the bar is a risk for accidents and discomfort.

Also, account for how many persons will stay behind the bar. The more persons who use the bar, the wider the space you need.

You have to allocate enough space for walking and access to any cabinets behind the bar. Cabinets behind your bar can be 1 to 2 feet wide. This measurement will also increase if you have bigger cabinets behind the bar. Enough behind bar space allows you to open the cabinets without cramping.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Bar Fridge?

Small bar fridge on the under side of a bar along with other delicacies on the table

A basement bar lacks function if there is no bar fridge. A bar fridge can keep your drinks or food that you need for refreshments cold. With the limited space in your basement bar, you must find the right size of your bar fridge.

The standard size of a bar fridge varies. The fridge size ranges from 21 to 47 inches. Bigger fridges with extra sections and doors need more space. With a big fridge, you cannot freely move inside the bar. That is why you have to consider the fridge size to fit under or behind your basement bar.

Here are types of bar fridges and their corresponding sizes:

  • Micro - The smallest fridge size that can store up to 12 canned drinks. The size of this fridge is 10x12 inches and 8 inches deep.
  • Compact - This type of bar fridge is 20 inches deep and around 20x18 inches. A compact freezer can hold larger drinks and this also have a small freezer.
  • Wine - A wine fridge measures 20x30 inches and 20 inches in depth. This type can hold 6 to 18 750 ml wine bottles in a horizontal position.
  • Mini double-door - Aside from a refrigerator, this type also has a crisper and freezer. With the added sections, the size of this fridge is 30x20 inches and 20 inches deep.
  • Party cooler - This barrel-shaped fridge measures 30 inches tall and has a diameter of 18 inches. In this type of fridge, you can store up to 72 cans of your favorite drink.

In Closing

Your basement bar should have a height of about 42 inches. Aside from measuring the bar height, you also have to account for the bar counter depth and the space behind the bar. You can use the basement bar with ease if you have the right measurements.

You can select the suitable height for the bar stools and bar fridge size from the measurements you get. Your basement bar will not feel too cramped with big furniture and fixtures. Remember that you must make your basement bar feel comfortable for anyone who uses it.

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